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Gambrinus Malting Brewing Grains

Over 50 Varities of Brewing Grain from Premier American, British, German & Belgian Maltsters

Quality & consistency are king in the grain world and high-quality brewing grains are the first step in producing a tasty craft beer. Craft Brews offers fresh grains available by the pound from maltsers such as Rahr, Simpson's, Crisp, Wyermann with discounts on 55# sacks. We typically have over 2000 lbs of grain in stock at our shop, so chances are we have what your recipe calls for or a direct substitute. We also have the ability to special order grains that arrive in less than 1 week.

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Base Grains

  • Rahr American 2-Row
  • Rahr Premium Pilsner
  • Rahr NorthStar Pilsner
  • Simpson's Golden Promise
  • Crisp Maris Otter
  • Rahr White Wheat
  • Rahr Red Wheat
  • Castle Belgian Pilsen
  • Weyermann Pilsner
  • Weyermann Floor Malted Pilsner
  • Weyermann Munich I (light)
  • Weyermann Munich II (dark)
  • Weyermann Light Wheat
  • Weyermann Dark Wheat
  • Weyermann Pale Malt
  • Weyermann Vienna

Caramel / Crystal Malts

  • C10 CaraHell Weyermann
  • C20 CaraRed Weyermann
  • C45 Crystal/Caramel Crisp
  • C60 Crystal/Caramel Crisp
  • C80 Crystal/Caramel Briess
  • C120 Double Roasted Crystal Simpsons
  • CaraAroma Weyermann
  • CaraFoam Weyermann
  • Caramunich I Weyermann
  • Caramunich II Weyermann
  • Caramunich III Weyermann
  • Crystal Red Rye Simpsons

Specialty Grains

  • Acidulated Malt Weyermann
  • Aromatic Malt Simpsons
  • Biscuit (Victory) Chateau
  • Honey Gambrinus
  • Melanoidin Weyermann
  • Rye Malt Weyermann
  • Special Belgium Chateau
  • Special Roast Briess
  • Torrified Wheat Crisp

Dark Roasted Malts

  • Black Pantent Crisp
  • Brown (Coffee) Simpsons
  • Carafa Type 1 Weyermann
  • Carafa Type 2 Weyermann
  • Carafa Special Type 3 (dehusked) Weyermann
  • Chocolate Crisp
  • Chocolate Rye Weyermann
  • Chocolate Wheat Weyermann
  • Roasted Barley Weyermann

Adjunct & Smoked Grains

  • Flaked Oats
  • Flaked Wheat
  • Flaked Barley
  • Flaked Rye
  • Flaked Maize (Corn)
  • Flaked Rice
  • Beechwood Smoked Malt Weyermann
  • Cherrywood Smoked Malt Briess
  • Oak Smoked Wheat Weyermann
  • Peat Smoked Malt Simpsons
liquid & dry malt extracts for brewing beer

Breiss Liquid & Dry Malt Extracts

  • Pilsen Light LME
  • Bavarian Wheat LME
  • Munich LME
  • Golden Light LME
  • Rye LME
  • Sparkling Amber LME
  • Traditional Dark LME
  • White Sorghum Syrup LME
  • Pilsen Light DME
  • Bavarian Wheat DME
  • Golden Light DME
  • Sparkling Amber DME
  • Traditional Dark DME
brewing sugars

Brewing Sugars

  • Corn Sugar (Dextrose)
  • Lactose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Light Candi Sugar
  • Amber Candi Sugar
  • Rice Syrup Solids