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Beer can be made using very simple equipment on your stovetop. But when the time comes and you want to upgrade your equipment, Craft Brews stocks a nice variety of toys that can touch and feel at our shop. From hot-side equipment such as burners, kettles & mash tuns to cold side fermenters. And of course we have all the accessories to deck out your new system.

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Ss brewtech Equipment

Ss Brewtech Brew Kettles

10g, 15g & 20g Brew Kettle

Ss Brewtech Mash Tun

10g & 20g Mash Tun

Ss Brewtech BrewBucket BME

7g & 14g Brew Bucket BME

Brewer's Best Equipment

Brewer's Best Basic Brew Kettles

8g & 16g Basic Kettle

Brewer's Best Element Burner

70,000 BTU Element Burner

Brewer's Best Ported Brew Kettles

8g & 16 Gal 2-Port Kettle

Robobrew & Grainfather Brewing System

Robobrew Brewing Systems

RoboBrew 9gal Brewing System

Grainfather Connect Brewing System

8gal Grainfather Connect

Grainfather Conical Fermenter

8gal Conical Fermenter PRO

Fermentation Vessles

Speidel Fermentation

Speidel Wide Mouth Fermenters

Fermonster Wide Mouth Fermenter

6g & 7g Fermonster Wide Mouth Fermenter

Glass Carboy

Glass Carboys 3g - 6.5g

8 gallon fermenting buckets

7.8g Fermenting & Bottling Buckets

7 gallon fermenting buckets

6.5g Fermenting & Bottling Buckets

a gallon fermenter

1g Fermenter w/ Airlock